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Travel To Morocco:

Everyone that is planning to get out of his country, and travel to another country like Moroccco. Gets several queries to his mind, such as: Moroccan currency, official documments, safety in  Morocco, travel insurance in Morocco….

Thats why we choose most recurrent asked questions. That we get from our clients to make it easy for you and help you to travel to Morocco with a general idea.

Do I need a passport and visa ?

If you are an European or american traveling to Morocco. You only require a valid passport for at least ninety days. If not you can check whether they need a visa or not!  by visiting the documentation section necessary to travel to Morocco.

How to get to Morocco?

Morocco has about eighteen international airports, including one of the best airports in the world called; Menara airport in Marrakech. In which they set off  well known low cost airlines. That make it simpler for travelers to get to  this amawing part of the world. Morocco is also well connected by sea via modern ferries between Tangier north of Morocco, and south of spain. For more information, visit the section on how to get to Morocco.

What is the Moroccan currency ?

The currency of Morocco is called Dirham. Contract to DH and it can also be abbreviated to MAD in some sites. The conversion is not stable,because of the fluctutions the dirhams suffer. But the approximate value you can keep in mind as a reference is 1 € = to between 10 to 12 DH. And you can use a www.xe.com for the exact conversion.

Is  Morocco a safe country to travel ?

Some people when they hear Morocco they believe its an Arab country. And the word Arab remind them many bad thinks such as terrorist, explosions, fighting, killing innocent…

but Morocco is one of the most safest countries in the world. In one hand because Morocco is not an Arab country as some claim. More than 75% in Morocco are Berbers, with different language, different alphabet, different thinking, different believes…. Less than 20% are Arab mix with arabic people. In addition to that Moroccan authorities are very serious about the tourist safety. Because the tourism has a crucial value for Morocco income. To sum up the original Moroccans are well known by their generosity and feel happy to meet and welcome different people from different countries traveling to Morocco.

Do I need a vaccine?

Its true that Morocco is an African country, but its not true that Morocco suffer from health risks, so if you are planing to travel to Morocco and wondering if you need a vaccine or not?? the answer will be negative, because Morocco is like a European country with less health problems. just in case you want to travel more safe you can visit a recommended for : Typhoid Fevers,Hepatitis A & B.

You can consult the practical information section on Morocco for more information before you travel to Morocco.

Informations about  our

tours and excursions

The trips advertised on the page are operated by travel agencies specialized in the sector, with native and experienced guides and drivers.

how to book with Days Morocco Tours?

to book a trip in Morocco depends on the company you choose.  For some companies  it is necessary to send the total amount to book the tour, but Days Morocco Tours is making easy to travel to Morocco. You can book your trip only by making a deposit of about 10% or 20% of the total amount. depending on how long the trip is, then  the rest will be payed in Cash to the driver when you meet him, we accept Euro, USD and Moroccan Dirhams. And for the money conversion we use: www.xe.com . The payment of the deposit can be transferred by PayPal, WestenUnion, MoneyGram, or to the bank account directly.

Are the Morocco trips private?

Because we are looking for the continuity and satisfaction of our guests. We choose to make our company specialize in organizing only private tours, Moreover avoid any way that can bring obstructions, and dissatisfaction of our clients. in the other hand. We also organize groups that are stated to be shared like students, friends, family…

but  we don’t gather tourist in Morocco to make a group.

how to hire a Morocco Travel insurance?

One the most important things that helped our company to achieve this great success; is working carefully about the safety of our clients. But before you travel to Morocco if you prefer to travel more safe we recommand every tripper to Morocco to hire the insurance that can cover any unforeseen event  from their country. it will be more valuable and effective than hiring it from Morocco.

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