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About Morocco Tours

About Days Morocco Tours

We want to show you the less-travelled routes of Morocco.
We provide custom itineraries so you may see a nation free of stereotypes, crowds, or predetermined Morocco tours.

Our Background:

About Morocco Tours

Days Morocco Tours T.A. was founded more than ten years ago with the audacious goal of changing attitudes and dismantling preconceptions in addition to providing luxury travel and one-of-a-kind experiences in AFRICA and the Middle East. The firm was founded to expose tourists to a side of these nations that is often hidden from them.

The firm started off by concentrating on Morocco with its trademark Days Morocco excursions, providing private and custom excursions with the goal of fully engrossing visitors in this nation’s rich culture and unique customs. The goal of Days Morocco Tours T.A. was to overcome the unfavourable perceptions and biases that often surround the Berber and Arab worlds by showcasing the authenticity and beauty of these locations.

Days Morocco Tours is committed to offering unmatched travel experiences with individualized attention and an emphasis on quality and authenticity. And all this with the help of experienced and enthusiastic staff. As their level of success increased, the firm opened offices in more countries in the area. in order to share the same travel ethos that had helped them succeed.

Showcasing the genuine character of these nations, including their cultural diversity, ancient history, and friendliness.

Days Morocco Tours T.A.’s vision of presenting a different side of our nation and encouraging tolerance and understanding through travel has come true. Offering trips that exceed expectations and showcasing the true essence of these locations with warm and genuine hospitality from its founder and his skilled local team, the company continues its mission and is constantly growing with the same passion and commitment as in its beginnings.

Because a buddy is a pleasure to have…

24-hour availability
You may depend on us every single time, day or night. You may reach us via phone.

Individualized service
We conform to your choices so you don’t spend time on things you don’t find interesting.

liberation of movement
You are in charge of planning your own vacation. We ensure that you get the most from it.

The most important thing is that you feel secure and cared for.


Travel on demand

We have the framework to meet your demands whether you wish to travel alone or in a group. Additionally, we can handle every aspect of organizing your trip or provide you a la carte services.
Your decision is yours.
We create whatever it is for you.
The thing you need to do is describe the vacation you have in mind so we can make it happen.
We give everything to you on a plate, including history, luxury, adventure, leisure, culture, nomadism, and cuisine.


Days Tours to Morocco Mission

About Morocco Tours

The goal of Morocco Tours is to provide tourists with top-notch travel encounters in Morocco that are enhanced by the warm hospitality, cultural diversity, and geographic variety that define our nation. In addition to planning and executing tours that preserve and safeguard our natural and cultural heritage and support the local economy, we are dedicated to offering responsible and sustainable tourist services.


We want to be the top tour operator in Morocco, known across the world for our dedication to high standards of customer service, environmental responsibility, and the genuine Moroccan experience. We want to be the go-to option for tourists looking to experience Morocco at its most authentic, and in order to do this, we consistently enhance and modify our offerings to meet the shifting requirements and preferences of our customers.


1. Authenticity: We think it’s critical to provide real tourist experiences that give visitors a deeper understanding of Morocco’s history, culture, and people.
2. Quality: We work hard to provide high-quality services that meet and beyond the expectations of our customers.
3. Responsibility: We are dedicated to engaging in and encouraging sustainable and responsible travel, protecting the environment, and fostering the growth of our regional communities.
4. Hospitality: Moroccan hospitality is well-known across the globe, and Days Morocco Tours works hard to preserve and improve on this reputation by treating every one of our customers like family.
5. Innovation: To suit the evolving demands of our customers and the tourist sector, we are continually searching for methods to enhance and modify our services.
6. Integrity: We work to maintain openness and honesty in all of our business dealings and activities. This is done on the foundation of respect for one another and trust.

Days Morocco Tours’s creator?

A group of experts with a desire for making each tour special and unforgettable makes up Behind Days Morocco Tours. Our staff will be at your disposal to ensure you get the finest service possible from the moment of first contact until the last goodbye at the airport.

Our team members have all been carefully chosen for their love of Morocco and their willingness to introduce it to the rest of the world. Everybody on our team, from our knowledgeable tour guides to our office staff and logistics team, collaborates to make sure that every little detail is taken care of and that every trip surpasses your expectations.
To learn more about discovering Morocco’s marvels, get in touch with us right now. We would be delighted to present ourselves and demonstrate our capabilities to you in order to make your trip to Morocco an amazing journey.


According to the founder _______________________________

About Morocco Tours

Said’s forefathers were nomadic Berber people who moved about in search of water and pasture for their animals while living in tents. Said was raised in many small towns after starting school in the hamlet when he was 7 years old. He was born in a tent.
Said always wanted to be a tour guide since he grew up in the touristy hamlet of RAMLIA, where he could travel, learn about other cultures, meet people, and share his own. Before he met the other members of the team and founded Days Morocco Tours, he put a lot of work into studying languages and chasing his dream of being a guide.

Said’s goal of dispelling stereotypes and presenting a different side of this nation is one of his key goals. He believes that Morocco offers much more than what is often reported in the media. He makes ethical and sustainable journeys in order to enhance these environments and collaborate with the local population.

Said not only wants his customers to have a memorable holiday, but he also wants to help the local communities thrive economically and socially. This is a crucial aspect of his employment; therefore, he makes it a priority to make sure that every journey is rewarding for both the travelers and the people and places they encounter.
With customers from Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina, is now one of the top three luxury travel firms in Morocco. Said creates the appearance that he is shattering Moroccan stereotypes and illuminating the lesser-known aspects of a nation that, once it has you, keeps you forever.


Director Ali Aouijil is _______________________________

About Morocco Tours

Our Project and office manager in Fes, Ali, is at the center of Days Morocco Tours. Ali is carefully committed to making sure that every aspect of the trip is properly planned and is in charge of ground services and bookings. His voice and grin both reflect the warmth of the desert in his character, which exudes to travelers the tremendous love he has for his own country and its people.

Ali was raised surrounded by the ethereal beauty and romance of his homeland despite being born among the soaring desert dunes. He understood at a young age that tourism was his field of expertise.

Our team’s members have all been carefully chosen for their love of Morocco and willingness to introduce it to the rest of the world. Everybody on our team, from our knowledgeable tour guides to our office staff and logistics team, collaborates to make sure that every little detail is taken care of and that every trip surpasses your expectations.
So don’t be hesitant to get in touch with us if you’re considering discovering Morocco’s treasures. We would be delighted to present ourselves and demonstrate our capabilities to you in order to make your trip to Morocco an amazing journey.


Private and customized travel advisor Mohamed ________________________________

About Morocco Tours

At Days Morocco Tours, we take great pride in having a committed group of professionals that are enthusiastic about travel to and within Morocco. One such professional is Mohamed, our cherished travel agent.

Mohamed was reared in Marrakech, a historic city, and has thus always been surrounded by the country’s rich culture. Mohamed is a young man, but he has a wealth of expertise and a sense of responsibility that make him a vital member of our team. He can convey everything that Morocco has to offer to our visitors with effectiveness and enthusiasm because to his love of tourism and his homeland.

Mohamed brings a wealth of education to the table in addition to his expertise and familiarity with Morocco. He graduated from the esteemed University of Marrakech with a degree in English Philology, which enabled him to have a profound awareness and grasp of the English language and culture. With this language and cultural background, he can interact with our English-speaking visitors and make them feel at home and understood.


Mohamed has a master’s degree in interculturality, globalization, and 21st-century challenges in Latin America in addition to his bachelor’s degree. He can comprehend and negotiate the complexities of cross-cultural encounters because of his training, which gives us a vital viewpoint.

Mohamed is a passionate reader, writer, and reader of poetry. His approach to tourism, which seeks to introduce Morocco’s rich literary and lyrical legacy, is a reflection of this devotion.

He is a vital member of the tourism industry because of his dedication to quality and capacity for cross-cultural communication. He provides genuine and outstanding tourist experiences for our guests; he brings our goal and vision to life.
Mohamed can assist you in capturing priceless memories and realizing your aspirations with your loved ones.


Service Coordinator Addi Aouijil:

About Morocco Tours

The group of local professionals at our travel business includes Addi and his brother Ali. He is a man who is in charge of organizing the services. Besides making sure that the whole schedule is properly managed, in addition to being a cultural Berber Ambassador.

However, Addi’s work goes beyond the technical parts of the position; he also does a job of hosting our customers. He can guarantee that journeys go well and live up to traveller expectations thanks to his patience, empathy, cheery disposition.

Addi places a high value on his customers’ enjoyment; he strives to make sure that each journey is special. Addi is a great travel companion; despite the difficulty of his job, he always has a grin on his face.


Days Morocco Tours Operator

About Morocco Tours

Days Morocco Tours is one of the top family tour operators, offering the best-guided tours and services around Morocco. A seasoned travel agent and knowledgeable guides from the Sahara desert founded this business. It is a tiny settlement located at the final entrance to the Moroccan desert in the Sahara. Due to our team’s passionate guides, we are regarded as the most cultural Moroccan tour. Their desire to assist the visitor’s experience in Morocco drives them to give it their all.

You can find Morocco’s undiscovered locations with Days of Morocco Tours. Additionally, you will visit less popular locations to interact solely with locals. We will take you to desolate areas like the Sahara, where you can marvel at the stunning scenery of Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan Tajine

You should be aware that our guides will assist you in locating the most authentic eateries. The restaurants where you may sample authentic Moroccan cuisines like tagine, couscous, and Berber pizza. Find the finest restaurant that serves a variety of foods if, however, Moroccan cuisine upsets your stomach.

ideal Days Morocco Tours lodging:

our hotels

DM Tours provides both luxury and standard lodging, according to the traveller’s preferences. We also offer riads, which are modest traditional lodgings that often include an internal garden, a fountain, and a pool. We choose the most excellent, cleanest lodgings with inspiring places and top-notch services.

Our resources:

The group is made up of young Berber people who were raised as nomads in Morocco’s desert. To live with our animals, they used to go from place to place looking for grass and water. To attend school and better their life, however, the majority of them lately relocated to other tiny settlements. They learned a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, and English. In addition to having many years of tour guiding expertise. The group assisted us in developing fresh itineraries and becoming experts at planning genuine cultural trips throughout Morocco.

The DMT guides are all Berber indigenous desert people educated in several languages and Moroccan history.

They have extensive local knowledge and work experience in the tourist industry. It allows businesses to provide tourists with customized experiences and guarantee that their exploration of Morocco is motivational and memorable.

Our mode of transit is:

The most comfortable automobiles are provided by Days Morocco Tours Operator, which also provides footrests, ventilation, and air conditioning. You’ll be able to drive for miles without becoming fatigued or wanting to get out of the automobile. Our fleets include minibuses for groups, Mitsubishi Pajero Sports, and Land Cruiser Prado (TX, VX, and GX).

Tours to Morocco – Drivers


Professional drivers with several years of driving expertise are available from our organization. Along with maintaining the cleanliness and general care of the cars, they always put your safety and comfort first.

Helping the nomads and inhabitants of the Sahara desert is our main goal. We work to promote this dry land as a brand-new travel destination and draw tourists from all over the globe. Our business-designed itineraries let clients take advantage of the finest that Morocco has to offer.

Additionally, we make efforts for our customers to enjoy tours and turn their trip into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also direct them to Morocco’s top tourist destinations, including ancient towns and the Sahara desert. In addition to friendly tour guides who are well-informed about the tales, history, and culture of Morocco.


11 Responses
  1. Freya

    My husband and I booked a private tour with Days Morocco Tours after a lot of internet searches, especially on TripAdvisor. Mohammed was fantastic with his timely and timely communication via WhatsApp and email. He agreed to customize our trip according to the itinerary we wanted, which would start with a pickup from Marrakech airport and would end with a return to the airport in the same location. In the middle we would have made a tour around the country. We would have had an Italian-speaking driver, an air-conditioned car and local guides in larger cities like Fes and Marrakech. Mohammed’s company would have booked all our hotels/streets. All this seemed fantastic and exactly what we wanted, but, like most people, we were a little nervous.

  2. Jasper

    To anyone coming to Morocco, I can only recommend doing this tour with Addi. We booked a 5 day trip to the desert and back to Marrakech. As we were planing on going to the rural areas and villages we were glad to have a local guide who knows the best spots and can inform us about the Moroccan traditions.
    Addi is the best guide any touist can ask for. He is extremly helpful, warm hearted, organized and was always willing to tell us his personal experiences. This made the tour an absolute highlight. The hotels were all super and the camping in the desert was a memory we will never forget.
    Morocco has definitely stolen our hearts!!!

  3. Elliana

    Well, I am happy to say that Trips Around Morocco has kept its proposal and more! Everything was done to perfection. We were welcomed at the airport by Hassan, our driver. In a few minutes we became friends! He speaks Italian perfectly, he knows Morocco very well, its people, its history and its geography. We were impressed by how safe and mature he is as a driver. We didn’t find a single case where we felt insecure in his car or thought he was breaking the traffic rules. Hassan’s knowledge of roads inside cities and across the mountains (he jokingly described this talent as the Berber GPS) is incredible!He is polite and courteous and he did in four to make sure we did not have any inconvenience. When we reached places like Chefchouen, Fes and Marrakech, we didn’t have to worry about carrying our luggage through the cars-forbidden roads of the medines to reach our hotels, because Hassan would have already called and arranged someone to meet us at the car. Curiosities: Hassan is a great drummer: together with other Berber musicians gave us a musical evening during our stay in the luxury camp of Days Morocco tours in the Sahara desert! Mohammed, if you are reading, Hassan is a real resource for your company!

    The car with which we crossed the country for 12 days (Toyota Highlander SUV) was spacious, very comfortable and in excellent condition.

    The local guides that we had in Fes and Marrakech were randomly assigned by the tourism department and we find that Days Morocco Tours did not have a chapter on who was assigned. While in Fes we were lucky, in Marrakech the guide was difficult to understand (marked French accent, he spoke too fast and without pauses) and tried to discourage us from visiting a couple of very important places by arguing that one of them was just like the one we had seen at Fes and that the other was closed due to the damage suffered during the recent earthquake. We insisted on visiting both places. The “closed” attraction turned out to be open!

    In conclusion, we were very satisfied with our experience with Mohammed, Hassan and the rest of the Days Morocco Tours team. Mohammed even contacted us as soon as we were escorted to the airport to make sure everything went well and to thank us for choosing his company.

    If you’re planning to visit Morocco, we highly recommend Days Marocco Tours!

  4. Adalynn

    This was the best trip so far and off my bucket list ✅. I would really like to thank Days Morocco Tours for making this trip happen and also special thanks to our driver Ali who was really taking care about us and everything we needed he did all his best to make our trip more interesting and enjoyable 5 stars to him 👏 keep up the good work we really appreciate. I would really recommend Days Morocco Tours if you are planning to go there, they made the best itinerary for us for 12 days which covered the most beautiful and popular places in Morocco and they couldn’t have done it better.

  5. Liliana

    Lovely trip around the highlights of Morocco in a relatively short time made possible by Said even though we encountered challenging weather. We were driven around the country by the fantastic Youssef who took great care of us everywhere we went. Even though we had a setback because of the weather, everything went very smooth and we could still relax because everything was well coordinated and taken care of by Said and Youssef.
    In 6 days we visited Marrakech, Ait Benhaddou, Todra Gorge, Merzouga desert, Fes and Chefchauen amongst several other stops where we could truly experience the local Moroccan and Berber culture.
    The highlight of the trip was certainly the night spent in the luxury camp in the desert where we were hosted by Mohammed who is a great example of Moroccan hospitality. The luxury camp is indeed amazing and surprisingly comfortable! Well done guys and keep up your good work. A big thank you to Youssef for the very long distance driving and for managing the itinerary in such a short timeframe. If I will come back to Morocco, I will certainly contact Said for another unforgettable experience.

  6. Dominic

    This was my second time in Morocco and my second time traveling with Addi. He goes out of his way to offer the best service possible. He drove for long hours so that we could see everything we wanted within our short time frame. He helped with anything we required. He advised us on where to eat to avoid getting sick. He booked our hotels for us (all rated 9+ on He took us to meet the Nomads. Told us all about Moroccan culture. Whatever we asked for, he had answers to.

    Big thanks also to Ali, his nephew, who provided the best Merzouga Sahara Desert experience one could possibly have.

    You are both very much deserving of all your current but also prospective clients. You make tourists feel like home in Morocco and that truly matters.

    Thank you for everything!!!

  7. Adeline

    When we decided on the trip to Morocco for the early part of January 2023. I was inquiring with a few Moroccan tour operators. Even though most of them provided good customer service. Aziz provided excellent customer service by answering lots of questions we had. We booked Morocco desert tour starting from Tangeri-Chefchaouen – Fes – Merzouga(Desert Camp) – Dadas Vally – Marrakesh.
    Ali picked us up at Tangeri, worked around our schedule and we had a great time in Morocco. The riads booked by Aziz are exceptional. He personally made sure we are comfortable by all means when we are at the desert camp. We have truly enjoyed the hospitality and the great customer service. I recommend Aziz (Days Morocco Tours) for a worry-free Morocco experience.Azrou Cedar forest (fed wild monkeys)
    Fes (visited the Fontaine Ennajarine, also Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, the tannery and the ceramics cooperative to see the traditional Moroccan crafts)
    Chefchaouen (The blue pearl)
    Casablanca (We visited the magnificent Hassan II Mosque and walked along the long and lovely promenade and then spend some time shopping in the largest shopping mall in Morocco)

    I highly recommend Days Morocco Tours drivers especially Addi, he’s fun, very knowledgeable, plans the tour according to your tastes and needs, he stays with his comfortable vehicle all day at your disposal and the price of the tour is very good value for money.

    Anyone interested in visiting Morocco, shouldn’t think twice to book with Days Morocco Tours, definitely the best in Morocco.

  8. Luka

    I had the most incredible experience and tour here in Morocco. Mohamed, the owner of the tour company helped me customise my trip to Morocco. I was a bit nervous at first as this was my very first solo trip. Mohamed was very kind and patient with me and did an incredible job of organising everything. Above all, he gave me the best driver and guide who went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and I had the best time here in Morocco .This trip will always be an unforgettable one as Said (driver/guide/photographer and more) has made this very special. Said is very knowledgeable and friendly, every moment was unforgettable.
    Said’s kindness, hospitality and passion for showing tourist’s the best of Morocco will always move me. I can not recommend Said enough!! His the best!!
    I learnt so much history and culture about this beautiful country, I couldn’t be more happier about the overall experience.
    If you are looking for a top-notch tour, then this is the one to choose!

  9. Millie

    We 3 girls from Italy traveled to Morocco for 5 days (from Marrakech to the desert and all the way to Fes.
    The experience was OUTSTANDING, we visited many sites of interest; starting from the Atlas Mountain and Ait Ben Haddou kasbah , Hollywood, Africa then to the Sahara desert where we experienced the camel ride to the camp through big dunes enjoying the sunset, and sunrise.
    Our driver, Addi (he is the best!!) was really knowledgeable, he also have been supersympathetic and kind, he explained everything about their country and Berbers, my thanks to you Addi for the best experience you gave us and what you shared with us, it was great. You made us feel like ‘home away from home’ you made us feel so safe, you took care of us like our own. Thank you so much!!

    If you are in dilemma between group tour and private tour, we will strongly recommend the private tour because you can tailor it the way you want to.. number of stops, duration, and get a personalized experience.

    I recommend everyone to do this tour with this company, they are the BEST! & ask for Addi as your driver/ guide, you will have an experience you will remember forever!

  10. Christina

    Ali and Addi were amazing! My best friend and I decided (on a whim) to take a trip to Morocco and visit Marrakech and Casablanca. Even before the trip, Days Morocco Tours were extremely responsive and catered to our every desire in preparation! Even during the trip they made sure we were seeing everything we had planned on! Their attention to detail was impeccable, and we felt safe and supported while we were with them. They provided great insight into Berber and Moroccan culture the entire time. We felt like we got the most out of our short trip with a visit to the Atlas Mountains and overnight stay, camel riding, a visit to a Berber home, cooking class, a special tour through the Marrakech markets, trip to Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Rick’s Cafe, etc. (all in 3 days!) it was absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait to return!! Great value, great service, unforgettable experience.

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