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Motorbike tours in Morocco

morocco ktm tours, offers a special motorbike desert adventure crossing the dunes going deep Sahara desert of Morocco exploring the best of what Morocco has to offer...

Motorbike tours in Morocco:

Are you an adventurous motorcyclist in search of a unique experience in the meandering roadways of the Atlas Mountains or around the Berber villages and ancient fortified Kasbahs?

Do you wish to experience motorbike excursions in Morocco, traversing the Sahara desert up and down the dunes to witness a mesmerizing sunset in the midst of nowhere? Are you seeking an unforgettable excursion on deserted beaches? Days Morocco Tours will provide you with all of this and more without the burden of planning, we offer assistance to transport you and your motorbike if you become fatigued, as well as a 4X4 vehicle to transport your luggage.

Our team consists of desert-born Berbers with a passion for professionalism. Due to daily experience, they are intimately acquainted with the highways, the culture, the people, and off-roading in the desert. This will be the crucial foundation that ensures you sense and experience Morocco in the best manner possible and makes your Morocco motorbike excursions the best ever.

For those who believe that a daring adventure should be a one-of-a-kind, indelible experience, Days Morocco offers itineraries that provide the opportunity to explore Morocco’s limitless off-road courses on the newest KTM models from 2020.

But before you book a tour with us, there are a number of things you must understand about your safety, which we will discuss below.

Listen to what your guide tells you before you begin riding for your safety, particularly about riding in the dunes, which is very different; even if you are an experienced rider, follow the steps he instructs you to take, as riding in the dunes is very different.

The company only offers its own motorcycle insurance. As mentioned in a previous section (What do I need to bring? ), all participants are required to have additional medical and repatriation insurance. Ensure that your insurance policy covers motorcycling vacations, as many policies exclude activities deemed too hazardous or risky. Consult your local insurance provider prior to travelling to Morocco. The majority of organizations offer insurance packages at low cost.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that no travel or motorcycle vacation insurance is included; please obtain insurance from your home country, which is superior to Moroccan insurance.

Tours of Morocco only include its Motorbike insurance.

In addition, please remember to bring your valid, complete motorcycle driver’s license.
Healthcare and repatriation coverage.
Medications prescribed for personal use, if applicable.
Personal items (camera, spectacles, solar protection, etc.).
Durable cycling clothing.
Recreational clothing.
Camelback is advised.

The purpose of these instructions is to ensure that your motorbike excursions in Morocco are the best possible.

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