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5 Days Merzouga Desert Trip From Marrakech

best desert trip from Marrakech to Merzouga desert

best desert trip from Marrakech to Merzouga desert 5 days Merzouga desert trip from Marrakech

A Trip Into the Moroccan Desert: Spending 5 Days in Merzouga after Departing from Marrakech

5 days Merzouga desert trip from Marrakech

A journey into the heart of the Moroccan desert typically begins in the lively city of Marrakech, which is known for its colourful marketplaces and old architecture. This city is frequently the departure point for travellers. It is a spectacular journey that takes tourists through stunning landscapes, old traditions, and once-in-a-lifetime encounters as they make their way from Marrakech to Merzouga over the course of five days. This itinerary will take you on an in-depth examination of the best desert trip from Marrakech to Merzouga desert, showcasing the five days of this incredible journey across the desert.


The first day begins with a trip away from Marrakech.

Your journey through the desert from Marrakech to Merzouga will take five days, and the first day will be filled with a sense of both exhilaration and expectation. You will start your adventure in the wee hours of the morning by travelling from Marrakech in the direction of the southeast. Your destination will be the mysterious Merzouga desert.

As you make your way out of the city, you’ll notice that the bustle and activity of Marrakech gives way to the peaceful beauty of Morocco’s countryside. Along the way, you’ll pass through picturesque Berber towns, serpentine mountain routes, and verdant oasis, all of which will provide breathtaking views of Morocco’s culture and natural landscape.

On the first day of your tour, you will arrive at the picturesque town of Ouarzazate, which is sometimes referred to as the “Hollywood of Morocco.” You will get the opportunity to tour the Atlas Film Studios while you are in this area. These studios have been used to shoot a variety of well-known movies and television series. You will continue your journey as the sun begins to drop, eventually arriving at the picturesque village of Skoura, where you will spend the first night of your vacation.


The journey from Skoura to Tinghir on day 2

You’ll pick up where you left off with your trip the next day, heading in the direction of the breathtaking Todra Gorge. As you travel deeper into the heart of Morocco, today will introduce you to a variety of Morocco’s landscapes and cultural traditions.

Your first destination will be the Skoura Oasis, where you will get the opportunity to see the stunning Kasbah Ameridil. This imposing mud-brick castle dates back to the 17th century and is flanked by verdant palm trees. You will get the opportunity to learn about the rich history and architecture of Morocco, which dates back centuries.

After that, you will go through the entrancing Dades Valley, which is well-known for the breathtaking red rock formations that can be seen there, before arriving at the Todra Gorge. This canyon is a favourite destination for rock climbers due to its precipitous cliffs that reach hundreds of feet above the ground. You may take a stroll around the winding gorge at your own pace and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

You will arrive at the town of Tinghir in the evening, and this is where you will be spending the night. It is a wonderful chance to sample the food of the area and engage in conversation with the kind and welcoming people that live there.


The journey from Tinghir to Merzouga on day 3

On the third day of the journey, the anticipation of finally arriving at the Sahara Desert starts to rise. You will continue your journey towards the desert, but en route, you will stop to investigate the various wonders that southern Morocco has to offer.

A trip to the ancient Todra Palmeraie, a verdant paradise tucked away inside the Todra Valley, is scheduled to kick off the morning’s activities. You may take a relaxing walk down the riverbanks that are dotted with palm trees and see the lush vegetation, which stands in stark contrast to the dry scenery that is all around you.

You will arrive in the town of Rissani, which was formerly the capital of the Tafilalt area and is now a thriving hub of trade, as you continue to travel farther south. It is a wonderful location to become fully immersed in the culture of the area and possibly pay a visit to the Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif, which is an important religious monument.

At long last, you’ll make it to Merzouga, the city that serves as an entrance to the Sahara Desert. This point marks the beginning of your journey into the desert. In Merzouga, you will be introduced to the camel caravan that will accompany you on the enthralling journey into the dunes. The golden sands spread as far as the eye can perceive, resulting in an ambiance that is both hypnotizing and peaceful. As the sun begins to drop, you will make your way to the desert camp that is hidden among the sand dunes and where you will spend the night.


Exploration of the Merzouga Desert on Day 4

On the fourth day of your desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the enchantment of the Sahara. Erg Chebbi is the name of the enormous sand dunes that are a mesmerizing sight to see.

You will begin the day by getting up early to catch the sunrise over the sand dunes, which is sure to be an unforgettable experience. An experience in the desert before dawn is one that will stick with you for a very long time because of the vibrant colours and the peaceful atmosphere. This is a moment that ought to be savoured and documented with your camera.

Following a scrumptious and traditional breakfast served in the desert camp, you will set off on your journey for the day. Sandboarding, going on a tour of the desert in a 4×4 vehicle, or just relaxing in the calm atmosphere of the Sahara are just a few of the things that are available to you during your stay in the Sahara. The desert provides a serene setting that is perfect for practising meditation, taking photographs, or just relaxing and taking in the vastness of the landscape.

You may choose to travel to the adjacent village of Khamlia in the afternoon. This is where the Gnawa people, who are famous for their mesmerizing singing, make their home. Take in a live performance of Gnawa music, educate yourself about their culture, and maybe even get involved in one of their dances.

After the sun has fallen, you will make your way back to the desert camp where you are staying, where a delectable meal prepared in the traditional style is waiting for you. Because of the desert’s bright heavens, spending the night in the desert is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers unparalleled opportunities for stargazing.


Fifth day: Travel back to Marrakech

The last day of your 5 days Merzouga desert trip from Marrakech is an emotional roller coaster. As you start your trip back to Marrakech, you will say your goodbyes to the enchantment that is the Sahara.

Once you have had breakfast in the desert camp, you will go back on your camels and ride across the sand dunes until you reach the outskirts of Merzouga. At that location, the van that will drive you back to Marrakech will be waiting for you.

The trip back gives you the chance to stop at some of the stunning locations you went by on the way to Merzouga and have another look at them. It is possible to stop in several areas such as Rissani and Tinghir in order to get a better feel for the various cultures and scenery. As you make your way back across the twisting roads and mountain range of the Atlas, you will get a new viewpoint of the beautiful countryside.

Your amazing journey across the desert, which began in Marrakech and ended in Merzouga, will come to an end when you get back in Marrakech in the late afternoon.

What Makes 5 Days Merzouga desert Trip from Marrakech One of a Kind and the Best in the World

This desert excursion will take you through a wide variety of scenery, which is undoubtedly going to be one of the most memorable features of the experience. You’ll get to see a diverse spectrum of natural beauty throughout your time in Morocco, from the bustling marketplaces of Marrakech to the crimson rock formations of Dades Valley to the shimmering sand dunes of the Sahara.

Cultural Immersion: During the course of the trip, you will have the chance to completely submerge yourself in the culture of Morocco. This journey provides a rich cultural experience in a variety of forms, such as seeing historic kasbahs, interacting with local Berber communities, and participating in the musical and cultural practices of the Gnawa people.

An Experience in the Desert: The Sahara Desert is the most exciting part of the journey. The experience of riding a camel across the sand dunes, seeing the sun rise and set over the desert’s golden sands, and taking in the serene atmosphere of the desert is unlike any other travel opportunity.

Traditional Foods The cuisine of Morocco is well-known for its many tastes and its extensive range of dishes. Throughout the trip, you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Moroccan delicacies, giving you the chance to indulge in the gastronomic delights of the nation.

Stargazing: The dark, cloudless sky of the desert provides a breathtaking setting for stargazing. This evening











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