Day Trip From Rabat

Since this emperial city called Rabat, has not inevitably established itself as an attractive tourist destination, this nice urban city is a one of the best places to discover Morocco’s modern sites. Morocco’s capital city is not as busy as some other big cities in Morocco, Rabat lacks the hustle and bustle, making it a great home base to enjoy for families traveling with kids. The Medina of the capital is authentic so you take your children shopping in the souks without too much worry about the crowds or losing them.
In Rabat we have many monuments and historical places with Berber architecture to see like the old Medina or city of Sale Colonia (Challa) and the most famous landmark of Rabat, Hassan tower, in addition to several popular historical places with an easy achieved traveling distance from the city.
Once you had enough time to explore the capital of Morocco (Rabat), and you want to feel more about the real culture of Morocco take some day trips to the neighboring places.

Day trip from Rabat to Casablanca

Casablanca is Located within an hour’s high-way drive from Rabat, this big city is considered one of favorite tourist destinations in Morocco. Emboldened by French and Spanish colonialism, the white house (Casablanca) is more open to Western than other big cities in Morocco. Have a short walk touring through the Central Marche with enjpoying the afternoon having tea at one of hip cafes in Casablanca. Don’t forget to have a walk in the old city of Casablanca, the recently extended shopping district of Hassan II Mosque which is considered one of the biggest mosques in the world, then to Quartier Harbous.

Day trip from Rabat to Meknes and Volibilis

Early morning we will leave Rabat and head to The Meknes and Volubilis from Rabat, will guide you to explore Meknes; one of the old Morocco Imperial cities, and the berber Roman town of Moulay Idriss. This guided day trip will also give you the chance to see the spectacular mosaics and pillars at the Roman-Berber ruins of Volubilis, to take a look of one of the most beautiful imperial gate in Morocco; Bab Mansour which is considered the biggest gate in the whole country….

Day trip from Rabat to Marrakech

The day trip from Rabat to Marrakech is one of the best choices, because in this day will see one of the most attractive destinations in the world, Marrakech, or the red city also called palm city, is one of the imperial cities of Morocco, that has many historical monument and souks inside a surrounding wall of 11km. once you get to Marrakech make sure to get a local guide to walk with you in order to visit many amazing places such as Bahia Palace, Majorelle garden, and one of the most alive squares in the world Jamaa El Fna.

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