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About Us

About Days Morocco Tours Company

Days Morocco Tours company is one of the best-based travel companies, that puts forward the best-guided tours, and services around  Morocco. This establishment was initiated by a travel professional, and adept guide from Ramlia. Which is a small village in the heart of the Sahara desert, The last door of the Moroccan desert. Days Morocco Tours company is considered to be one of the most cultural travel tours agency in  Morocco, due to its guides that choose and love their job. this love makes them try their best to understand the client and leads them to the most attractive places to see in Morocco.

with Days of Morocco Tours company, you will ferret out the unexplored places in Morocco. You also will travel over the less touristic places to be only with local inhabitants. Our drivers will take you to deserted places such as the Sahara desert: with solely black/brown mountains, and dry plants, to see camels between mirages, desert small captivating tornados…

Morocco food

What you should know about Morocco tours company: is that Our guides will help you to find the most local restaurants, where you will enjoy testing the  Moroccan fresh food, such us Tajine, couscous, and Berber pizza, but if your stomach does not feel ok with the Moroccan, our driver or guides will do their best to find the best restaurant that offers different food, or make a picnic having fast food with Moroccan tea under a tree.

best Days Morocco Tours accommodations:

Our company; Days Morocco Tours offers, luxury, and Standard accommodations, depending on the selection of the traveler. We also offer riads: which are small traditional accommodations mostly with an interior garden, with fount and a swimming pool. Our company chooses the best, cleanest accommodations, with inspirational spaces, great services…

    Our guides:

Our team is a young Berber bunch, born and mature in the desert of Morocco as Nomads. They used to move from place to place seeking grass and water to survive with our animals. But recently, most of them moved to different small villages to attend school, and improve their lives. they studied different languages, such as English, Spanish, French… in addition to, the experience of several years of guiding. The team helped Days Morocco Tours to present new aesthetical itineraries, and become specialists in arranging authentic short and long Cultural travel tours all around Morocco…

Days Morocco Tours guides are all Berbers: the indigenous people of Morocco, who grew up in the desert and studied languages, history, and Moroccan culture from different parts of Morocco.

Their deep knowledge of every corner of the country combined with their experience in the tourism sector. It enables them to offer travelers tailored experiences, and ensure that their discovery of Morocco is inspiring and unforgettable.

    Our transportation:

Days Morocco Tours company offers, the most comfortable cars with smooth comfy seats, footrests, and ventilation or air-conditioning. It will make you fly kilometers without getting tired, or wanting to get out of the car. Our fleets consist of Land Cruiser Prado (TX, VX, GX), Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and mini-buses for groups.

    About Morocco tours Drivers:

Our company offers professional drivers that have many years of experience in driving. They will always put your safety and comfort first, in addition to keeping the vehicles clean, and under permanent upkeep.

Our principal aim is to help the nomads, and people that live in the Sahara desert. We try to make this dry land a new destination to visit, and attract people all around the world. Our company created cultural travel tours and itineraries, that allows the tourist to visit the desert, ride camels in the desert, and sleep in a tent to experience the nomadic life.

In addition to that,  the Days Morocco Tours,  do its efforts to help Sahara desert aficionados to explore the real Morocco tours and make his visit an unforgettable moment in his life, by guiding him to the best places to visit in Morocco like imperial cities and the Sahara desert, also the company choose hospitable guides who are so knowledgeable about Morocco stories, history, culture.

Information about Days Morocco Tours creator:

Said’s family are originally nomadic Berber people, living in a tent, moving from place to place, seeking for grass their animals, in 1990…Said gets born in the tent, and when he gets 7 years old, his father took him to the next small village called Ramlia, where he attended school, the village is located in heart of the Morocco Sahara desert, and it is comprised of about 34 houses and 400 habitants, depending on grazing and agriculture in small farms, where they get their needs.

 Unlike his brothers, Said gets the chance to study and get his license degree in the university, even though it is not easy to get it, especially for the students living in those far villages, most of them drop out of school but Said was lucky, and he knows what does it mean to be illiterate.

 because Ramlia was a touristic village, Said dreamed of being a touristic guide to travel, learn, meet and share his culture, and the impressive information that had obtained from his grandparents, that’s why he worked hard to learn languages, and realize his dream of being a guide, and creating Days Morocco tours offering top cultural travel Tours.