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About Morocco Tours

Welcome to Days Morocco Tours, a travel agency with heart, founded by Addi, Moha, and Rebeca – a trio blending Moroccan and Spanish backgrounds.

We’re not your average guides; we’re a team of passionate storytellers and adventure enthusiasts, raised amidst the dunes of the Sahara. Our goal? To give you an authentic taste of Morocco, one personalized tour at a time.

But we’re not just about sightseeing; we’re about making a difference. By exploring with us, you’re not only experiencing the best of Morocco but also supporting the nomadic communities of the Sahara.

Come join us as we uncover the hidden treasures of Morocco, share stories around the campfire, and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. This is more than a tour; it’s a journey of connection and discovery. Welcome to Days Morocco Tours, where every adventure is infused with passion and purpose.

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To anyone coming to Morocco, I can only recommend doing this tour with Addi. We booked a 5 day trip to the desert and back to Marrakech. As we were planing on going to the rural areas and villages we were glad to have a local guide who knows the best spots and can inform us about the Moroccan

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My husband and I booked a private tour with Days Morocco Tours after a lot of internet searches, especially on TripAdvisor. Mohammed was fantastic with his timely and timely communication via WhatsApp and email. He agreed to customize our trip according to 

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We 3 girls from Italy traveled to Morocco for 5 days (from Marrakech to the desert and all the way to Fes. The experience was OUTSTANDING, we visited many sites of interest; starting from the Atlas Mountain and Ait Ben Haddou kasbah , Hollywood, Africa then to the Sahara desert

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Top Places to visit in Morocco
Sahara Desert:

If you’re looking for recommendations on the best places to visit in Morocco, we would propose going on a trip into the Merzouga desert in the southeast of Morocco. It is essential to incorporate this into your itinerary to maximize your overall experience. You may take your top Morocco desert excursion from Casablanca via Fez to Merzouga, or you could start from Marrakech or Agadir via Ouarzazate and Merzouga, or even via Chegaga and Zagora desert, depending on how much time you have available.

Sahara desert

Merzouga is the most well-known and significant travel destination in Morocco.

Unmatched experiences can be had on the Merzouga desert trip, such as riding camels, and spending the night in traditional tents. In addition to that, you will enjoy seeing breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and savouring a delicious Moroccan meal. Finally, the atmosphere is further enhanced by participating in traditional music performances with the local nomads around a campfire. In conclusion, one of the best Morocco Tours must include a visit to the Merzouga desert.



Deep Sahara desert 


Adventure seekers can take advantage of deep-sahara treks, as Days Morocco Tours offers exclusive trips into the far-off Sahara. These trips take you off-roading across dry landscapes and between flatlands and the black Atlas Mountains, far from touristic places. Small oases along the route provide views into the simple, genuine lives of the locals, revealing details about their distinct way of life.


Marrakech is a top destination for lovers of Morocco; its enchanted gardens, historic buildings painted in vivid shades of red and brown clay, and vast walls covered in bamboo and eucalyptus all captivate tourists. The city is split into two separate areas: the Medina Laqdima, also known as the old Medina, which is the historic and true center of Marrakech. It is surrounded by a characteristic red wall with several openings, towers, and seventeen large gates. Guelizs is the name of the contrasted modern area, which is distinguished by wide roads, tall buildings, and elaborate temples.

Travelling to Morocco, and Travel Tips for Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

The historic city of Fez is quite alluring, drawing travelers and culture vultures from all over the world to enjoy its wide range of food and drink options. Fez is one of the most alluring places to travel, and it is well-known for its rich past that is full of myths and stories. Understanding its importance, Days Morocco Tours tries to include Fez on our carefully designed best of Morocco tours, which include longer itineraries that start in Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, and Rabat.

Morocco Tours

Known as the “gate of the Sahara desert” and hailed as the “Hollywood of Africa” or the “Hollywood of Morocco,” Ouarzazate has made a name for itself as the Moroccan center of film production. Film makers are drawn to the city’s large movie studios by the extraordinary sunshine and the varied scenery that surrounds Ouarzazate, including the golden Merzouga desert, the dark and brown mountains, the Draa valley, the M’hamid desert, and the famous Kasbahs in Morocco.

City of Chefchaouen:

Beautiful Chefchaouen, in northern Morocco, is usually considered to be the second highlight of the top Morocco excursions. also sometimes referred to as the “blue city” because of its walls, which were painted a striking shade of blue. This fascinating city draws a wide range of lovers from all over the world, including Moroccans, Americans, Europeans, and Asians.

a 5-day Morocco imperial cities trip from Rabat
Morocco’s Atlas Mountains:

The Atlas Mountains of Morocco consist of three separate sierras: the Anti-Atlas, which is black in colour, and the High and Middle Atlas, which are both brown-red. The longest of these, covering three countries, is the High Atlas mountain range. The highest peak in this range, Toubkal, is well known as a popular rock climbing and skiing destination in Morocco. Highlights of the High Atlas Mountains include visiting the Todra Gorges, learning about the rich mythology of the Berber villages, and taking an exciting journey across the Tichka Pass, which is a must-see on any trip to Merzouga.

Morocco Tours

is a city that skillfully combines a dynamic urban atmosphere with scenic natural beauty. Agadir is well-known for its immaculate beaches, which stretch as far as the eye can see. Its golden sands and blue waters entice visitors, resulting in a lovely coastal paradise. The metropolis features a fusion of contemporary architecture and charm, all set against the commanding backdrop of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Agadir’s charm is found in its diverse cultural mosaic, which is evident in its lively marketplaces, mouthwatering food, friendly locals…

The Rivers and Valleys of Morocco:

The High Atlas Mountains are the main source of Morocco’s valleys and rivers, with new watercourses occasionally arising from the confluence of other rivers. These valleys’ extraordinary formations—especially as they wind through steep terrain—highlight their significance, which is why we always include these natural beauties in our carefully chosen Top Morocco excursions.

Taking Pictures in Morocco
Morocco’s Best Valleys:

Draa Valley: Named for the majority of its Drawa (black-skinned) residents, the Draa Valley is the longest valley in Morocco, spanning around 1200 kilometers. It is a notable addition to our selection of the best tours in Morocco, particularly for travelers arriving in Marrakech.

Dades Valley: Nestled among the Atlas Mountains, this region is well-known for its verdant vistas and striking geological structures. One of the main attractions on all of Days Morocco trips’ best Morocco trips that leave from Marrakech is this valley.

Todra Valley: Known as one of Morocco’s largest, narrowest, most steepest valleys, Todra Valley is home to the most beautiful canyon in the nation. The Berber name “Todra,” which translates to “valley of life,” symbolizes the valley’s agricultural operations and the locals’ reliance on them. One of the fascinating highlights of our painstakingly top-designed Morocco excursions is this valley.

Todra Gorges of Morocco: Hiking on Todra Gorges
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